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Solar power is fast becoming the preferred source of alternative energy for many homeowners in Western Canada and beyond. Aside from the long-term savings that investing in a residential solar system offers, utilizing the sun’s clean and renewable energy enables us to generate an unlimited supply of electric power without harming the planet.

When it comes to residential solar power systems, most homeowners prefer to install roof mounted panels. At MiEnergy, we make sure that the solar panels we design and install are not just functional but also provide an aesthetic appeal to your roof and home. Our standard design includes 60 cell modules with black back sheet and frame, with rail-less racking and black front skirting to achieve a finished product that looks just as great as it functions.

Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Roof Mounted Residential Solar Installations



Roof Mounted Solar Panels for Residential Properties

Roof mounted solar power systems provide several advantages to homeowners. One such benefit of installing roof solar panels is the value it adds to a residential property. When a homeowner invests in roof solar panels, the resale value of their house can increase by approximately $20,000. And, because a solar-powered home offers buyers the promise of economic savings as soon as they move in, they're often likely to pay more for a property that's already equipped with solar.


A roof mounted system is ideal for homeowners who either don't have the space or don't wish to use the space required by a ground mounted system. With roof mounted solar panels, you're able to make great use of what is usually wasted space without damaging the existing structure.


Our solar panels are designed to complement any home's exterior and will be efficiently installed by our team so you can start saving on our agreed date of completion. Roof mounted solar systems are hardly noticeable, especially for homes facing north, as solar panels should face south to optimize solar power yields.


MiEnergy solar panels require very little maintenance after they have been installed. And, to ensure your system performs at its optimum level at all times, our team provides regular monitoring and maintenance. You will never have to worry about your solar system’s performance because we're here to make sure that it is always performing properly.

A Trusted Company in Solar Power Installation

When it comes to solar panels, you can rely on our team of professional and dedicated experts to deliver superior quality solar panel design and installation. With more than 1,500 projects successfully completed since 2000,  your solar project is in good hands. We bring more than 30 years of combined renewable energy experience, and through our professionalism and the quality of service we provide, we've built lasting relationships with our clients.


What sets us apart from other solar power companies in Western Canada is the peace of mind that we offer to our clients. When your solar panels come with a 10-year workmanship guarantee, you can rest assured that any labour performed is free of charge within the first decade of the installation of your system. We also provide a 99% uptime guarantee by regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure that your solar panels are consistently performing as expected.

MiEnergy’s 4-Step Process

Our team of consultants and installation experts follow a 4-step process to ensure that everything goes smoothly with your project:

It starts with a professional consultation. One of our MiSolutions experts will visit your property for a free, no-obligation assessment to determine if a solar power system is the best choice for you.

Next is system design. We will create a custom design for your unique project. Once the design is finalized, we will set a schedule for your solar power installation.

The third step is the system installation. We will set the completion date for your project and our installation team will make sure that all the timelines discussed with you are met and that the project is finished on the date that has been agreed upon.

The final stage is monitoring. Our team will continue to monitor your solar system to make sure it's always performing like it should. At any point during our monitoring, we will notify you if there are any issues, and will send a MiSolutions expert to provide an immediate resolution.

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