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Solar power is one of the best alternative energy sources for homeowners in Western Canada. Taking advantage of the sun’s clean and renewable energy, we are able to generate years of energy supply without creating waste which can harm the environment.


A solar power system is a reliable source of alternative energy for the home and a good long-term investment for residential owners. By having a solar panel system installed on their property, homeowners can save several thousands of dollars in the long-term, all the while doing their part to protect the environment.

Solar power is a renewable source of energy that uses the sun’s natural energy to generate electricity. Solar panels capture solar energy and convert this to solar electricity using photovoltaic (PV) technology.


Photovoltaic solar panels are very durable and have the ability to efficiently convert energy from the sun to electricity. A photovoltaic solar panel system consists of solar cells that are wired together to form solar panels. These solar panels produce electric current when sunlight reaches the solar cells. A PV array is made up of several solar panels to generate a specific amount of electrical output. The size of your home’s solar power system will depend on the amount of electricity you require.


Residential solar panels require no maintenance and can last between 30 and 40 years. Some hesitate to invest in a solar system for home use because of the cost of installation, but the installation cost has been recouped, your energy consumption is practically free for many years to come. If you want to switch to solar power, there are many financing options available for homeowners. There are also provincial incentives available which can offset some of the upfront cost.

Solar Power Systems for Homes

What are Home Solar Panels and How Do They Work?



Advantages of Solar Power Systems for Homes

A solar power system provides energy that is sustainable, renewable, and abundant. Every year, monthly utility bills keep rising, while the cost of solar power systems for homes has gone down. This makes investing in a residential solar system ideal for homeowners. Even if you opt to have your solar installation financed, the monthly payment of your loan may still be lower than your electricity bills. And, once your loan has been fully paid, your energy consumption will be entirely free.


Solar panels are deemed residential upgrades, similar to a kitchen renovation or a finished basement. When you decide to invest in residential solar panels, this will increase your home’s value by approximately $20,000. Many home buyers are interested in finding a solar home because the solar panels will have already been installed, and they can save on electricity from the moment they move in.


When residential property owners switch to solar power, your energy consumption using this renewable source not only helps to give you financial savings, it also helps to save the environment from air and water pollution. Each kilowatt-hour (kWh) of solar energy generated will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions like carbon dioxide, as well as other hazardous pollutants. A typical home can save as many as 2,500 trees by switching to solar!

Why MiEnergy?

When it comes to residential solar systems, you can rely on MiEnergy to provide you with superior quality solar system design and installation. Our company has been in operation since 2000, and we have more than 1,500 successful projects under our belts. Our team boasts more than 30 years of combined renewable energy experience, and through the hard work and expertise of our committed professionals, we have built strong partnerships with our clients.

At MiEnergy, we provide exceptional customer service. It's our goal to ensure that each and every client is completely satisfied with our service and, more importantly, with the performance of their residential solar system. You will never have to worry about the performance of your solar system; our 10-year workmanship guarantee gives you peace of mind, along with a 99% uptime guarantee by regular monitoring and maintenance after installation.

Aside from the quality of our work, our team is also committed to meeting timelines and maintaining our professionalism at all times. As one of the most trusted companies for the design and installation of the best quality solar panels for home owners in Western Canada, we guarantee the performance and timelines for your solar system project.

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