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Why rent your power? Own it with miEnergy

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By going solar, you are locking in low predictable energy

costs, while utility rates continue to rise.

Over the last 30 years the average utility

yearly increase has been about 6%, which means your

savings will grow over time.

It saves on your monthly power bill

As power rates continue to rise, significant savings

are realized by replacing your current power bill

with a monthly solar system payment. This locks

in power costs and savings continue to grow.

It saves significantly over 25 years

what can a solar home do for me?


kWh is just like a $/litre of gasoline

If you could have locked in your gas prices in at $0.50/litre 20 years ago would you have taken the opportunity? Solar is the same type of investment.



Roof Mount


Ground Mount

Systems Sizes

Maximum 100kW

 to qualify for the Net Metering Program

Maximum 100kW

 to qualify for the Net Metering Program


Rural Acreages & Agriculture

Area where space is not an issue

Urban & Rural

Any structure with south facing roof exposure

Panel types

Silver frame 72 cell panels

Learn more about panels here

Black frame 60 cell panels

Learn more about panels here


Fence-less I-beam construction with

insertion rail

Rail-less racking with

black front skirting

Inverter Type

String Inverter or Micro-Inverters

Learn more about inverters here

String Inverter or Micro-Inverters

Learn more about inverters here

residential solar options


See how solar panels work.

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In Saskatchewan solar customers connect to the power grid through a net-metering program. This eliminates the need for batteries

residential solar options


miEnergy's custom designed ground mount system provides rigidity and optimal aesthetics. Our I-beam construction installed with our specialized vibrating post pounding machine ensures the the system will last a lifetime. Our insertion rail racking and 72 cell modules provides a great look with the highest efficiency.

G-Series (Ground Mount)


miEnergy provides the most aesthetically pleasing residential roof systems. Standard design includes monocrystalline 60 cell modules with black back sheet and frame. Our rail-less racking and black front skirting ensures a great finished product.

R-Series (Roof Mount)



LEARN MORE FROM: SaskPower & Saskatoon Light & Power

SMALL power producers program

net metering program

how does it work

Electricity is banked and stored on the grid as a credit. Your excess power should be used within the year or credits reset to zero. Maximum system must not exceed 100kW.

Electricity is purchased from the customers at a reduced rate. Maximum system must not exceed 100kW.


power rates

Excess power is credited at retail per kWh rate. Customers are not paid for any generated power.

In 2016 the rate paid to customers is 10.6 cents/kWh. This increases at a rate of two percent per year.


20% of the equipment & installation costs up to $20,000


how to


Visit utility websites below. If you are a miEnergy customer we take care of the entire process as part of your project.

Visit utility websites below. If you are a miEnergy customer we take care of the entire process as part of your project.

participating utilities

SaskPower, Saskatoon Light & Power, Swift Current Light & Power

SaskPower, Saskatoon Light & Power


what does SOLAR do for me?


Professional Consultation

System Design

A MiSolutions professional will schedule a free no obligation appointment to come to your home and ensure not only that solar is right for you, but that you are completely comfortable with your decision.
A custom design will be established for your specific project. A MiSolutions expert will review the design and once finalized, a schedule produced.

System Installation

The miEnergy installation team will schedule an installation date for the project to be completed. Our professional team will ensure all timelines are met and the work is completed as agreed.


Each system can be monitored 24-7-365 to ensure peak energy harvesting. If any problems arise you will be contacted and a MiSolutions expert will be deployed to rectify the problem.



30 Second Estimate


Loans and leases available.

Financing & Leasing options available



  • How do I save money?

    Savings come from the difference between a financed monthly payment and what your utility bill would be without solar. Upon purchase, you lock in your power cost, and savings grow as utility rates continue to rise year after year.

  • How much does it cost?

    Most customers choose to finance their solar system. There are many financing & leasing options available. In most cases, your payment will be less than your power bill from the utility. Your savings over the lifetime of the system can be substantial.

  • How do I know if my panels are producing?

    Systems equipped with an energy monitoring program can be viewed in real time on any computer, smartphone or tablet. You can see the production history and get alerts for any problems that may occur.

  • How does net metering work?

    Your home will have a "two" way meter. When you're system is producing more power than you're using, the power gets sent back to the utility grid, and you receive credit. When you use more power than your producing, say during the night, you draw on your credits from the utility grid.

  • Will solar work on my home?

    Not every home has the same solar potential. Unobstructed southern exposure is necessary to maximize energy harvesting. If your home is not adequate, we won't sell you a system. It's just that simple.

  • How do I get started?

    Its simple. Submit to receive a free no obligation quote here and we will have a MiSolutions expert contact you to provide a customized analysis of your needs.

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