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Individual ownership

One larger solar project is co- owned by individuals and businesses who share in the financial returns of adopting solar.





Group ownership

One larger solar project is co-owned by a group of users or businesses who share in the electricity produced.





Community ownership

One larger solar project is owned by a city, town or municipality who uses the electricity produced on a community asset like a rink, community center or municipal building.



Don’t have the ability to invest in solar yourself? Community solar can allow individuals the opportunity to share in the benefits of solar without installing solar panels on their homes or businesses.

community solar programs

community solar benefits

Learn more about Manitoba Hydro's programs here


Professional Consultation

A MiSolutions professional will schedule a free no obligation appointment to understand your needs and gather the information required.

System Design

A custom design will be established for your specific project.

System Installation

The miEnergy installation team will schedule an installation date for the project to be completed. Our professional team will ensure all timelines are met and the work completed as agreed.


Each system can be monitored 24-7-365 to ensure peak energy harvesting. If any problems arise you will be contacted and a MiSolutions expert will be deployed to rectify the problem.

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